You may describe me as a scanner. My work is inspired by—[insert what is in front of me at this very moment]. If you force me to pin something down—here are a few categories of inspiration:
Nature and allegory
Arts and Crafts movement
Fashion and design

I majored in painting in my undergraduate degree at University. I cut my painting teeth at the Kirribilli Pub Theatre—painting small stage sets for nearly 10 years. I loved the fact that Bill Young, Kirribilli Director, pretty much gave me free reign to use imagery and colour as I chose.


I have returned to painting after more than 20 years and am currently exploring painting on both large and small scales with studies in surface texture and pattern and techniques for capturing the natural features of my environment.

Digital collages
In my previous job I made a lot of teaching resources using my lovely computer. I am a big fan of using technology as a creative tool.

We have a garden and we have a fish pond. Our little neck of the woods is teeming with birds, lizards, frogs, dragonflies and the odd rabbit, brush turkey, bat and possum. Things in my environment are all inspiration for my digital work. Imagery for my digital collages is also drawn from my own paintings and drawings and digital manipulations of public domain images. 

I'm a yarn addict. I don't like to follow a pattern. Hence the sculptural direction my knitting has taken. I'm also an avid collector of cord for knotting and braiding and wire and wire/yarn hybrids suitable for weaving. I'm currently exploring simple felted, braided and woven forms.