My artwork is driven by ideas and images that thread their way through paintings, digital works and fibre works. The colours, symbols and motifs I use are woven together in these diverse forms to tell stories or to comment about my world.

Inspiration is drawn in equal parts from my rich natural environment, from art history and contemporary practice, and from social and cultural trends in the online world. Previously explored motifs of five-petal flowers, water, fish, rabbits, spherical forms and clouds are joined in this exhibition by trending #fruit, #bugs, #botanicals, #crystals and #loveyellow. You may also notice that I’m a bit of a Japanophile and am drawn to late 19th and Early 20th century artists who felt the same.

The title SPIN refers to both the concepts and the processes employed in my work. Don’t be surprised if what you see is idealised, biased or fantasised. Nothing is a representation of reality even though all the individual components represent real aspects of my life, reinvented in fresh narratives.

I have a habit of working simultaneously on multiple creative projects, and they influence each other. When I work on multiple projects, the materials and processes blur. I construct digital collages using photographs generously supplied by husband Chris; drawn and painted elements (both on and off computer) and public domain images. My paintings are often reworks of previous paintings and drawings that have been digitally manipulated and then reiterated in oils. Fibre works interpret motifs in solid, tactile and often functional forms.